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Thank you for joining BenefitLIFE-- a podcast for ALL the Benebabes working for or with Benefit Cosmetics. Whether you’re slaying sales in the field or kicking butt in the corporate office—We’re ALL changing lives one brow at a time. This is the podcast that “breaks rules with wit and wisdom,” “problem solves with courage and creativity” and “makes real connections.”  Get ready to fall in love with Benefit for life and remember that laughter is the best cosmetic so grin and wear it.”

Jan 14, 2020

The second part. Episode 23 continues with our friends Denine Papalardo, SVP of US sales & VP of US Sales Sephora and Department Stores, Joe Plymale, getting excited about Porefessional Hydrate. In “Break Rules with Wit & Wisdom,” Maggie & Annie Ford Danielson finish off the New Years moment! We continue on with Maggie Hall, Associate Manager of Innovation, in Problem Solve with Courage and Creativity about “soup to nuts” about how a product is made. And finally find out what makes Courtney Reyes Balloon business float in “Make Real Connections.”